Our Programs

Nature Knowledge runs three programs in our national parks based on age and grade level. Each program is led by a certified teacher and experienced outdoor enthusiasts. Students also have a chance to learn from speakers and experts from the National Park Service.

Junior Naturalists

For children between 6-11, the Junior Naturalists program offers week-long day camps in 28 national parks across the country. Families are also encouraged to camp in the park and enjoy nature while campers explore and learn with their teachers.

Living Classrooms

The Living Classrooms program hosts 12-16-year-old students for semester-long courses in our national parks. Participants use the great outdoors as a classroom by taking weekly, 2-hour classes in the parks. Living Classrooms is currently offered in 12 different parks – find one near you!

Cleaning and Greening

Teenagers ages 16-18 can safely develop their outdoors ethic and sense of independence during the summer-long Cleaning and Greening program. In addition to learning about biodiversity, students also volunteer with the parks service on habitat and trail maintenance projects.