We’re working to make the world a better place to live for everyone.

We spread awareness for our cause, offer programs and services to our community, fund innovative initiatives and advocate for change.

We have a history of working for change and expanding our operations quickly and strategically. Our programs, services and initiatives have impacted communities around the country. And our passionate team is putting all hands on deck to make a real difference.

The Challenge

More than two-thirds of Americans are struggling in one way or another. Access to the programs and services that they need could drastically change lives. Learn more about our mission and see our vision for a brighter future.

Our Solution

We’re getting the word out. Our programs, services, initiatives and overall approach have the power to improve lives and give the next generation a future they can be excited about. Learn about our approach and how we help.

Where We Work

We work in communities throughout the United States to help those in need of our programs and services. Want to join our work? We have a variety of ways to get involved.

Who We Are

Our staff powers our mission and vision in some pretty amazing ways. We wouldn’t accomplish anything without their energy, dedication, talent and kind hearts.




Flora Founder got the idea for this organization after a long summer of soul searching. She received her Masters in Nonprofit Management at NYU and volunteered with the Peace Corps. Today, Flora continues to serve on our Board to offer strategic guidance and fundraising support.


Dane Director


Dane believes great opportunity comes through bridging across business and education, between field and classroom education, between digital and in-person learning, and learning across cultures.


Marcy Manager


Marcy taught middle school for eight years, honing her skills as an educator and instructor. She’s also a fluent Spanish speaker, opening the door to more bilingual clients.