We provide educational programs to students who want to learn about environmental science.

We use our nation’s national parks as living classrooms to teach our students about the importance of protecting the environment. To ensure that our natural resources will be around for future generations to enjoy, we work to educate the students who will help to protect it when they grow up.

The Challenge

Less than 15% of high schools in the United States offer environmental science courses. Only 40% of US elementary schools teach students environmental science.

Our Solution

Our science-based programs are funded by donations and offered to local schools to provide this important academic knowledge in and outside of the classroom.

Where We Work

There are 58 national parks in the US, and we’re proud to offer our programs at 33 different parks. Get involved in one of our programs to learn about the wonders of nature and see them firsthand in our parks.

Who We Are

Our staff powers our mission and vision in some pretty amazing ways. We wouldn’t accomplish anything without their energy, dedication, talent and love of nature.


Flora Founder

Board Chair

Flora Founder got the idea for Nature Knowledge as a camp counselor at Smoky Mountain Summer Camp in 1992, and she continues to serve on our Board to offer strategic guidance and fundraising support.


Dane Director

Executive Director

Dane believes great opportunity comes through bridging across business and education, between field and classroom education, between digital and in-person learning, and learning across cultures.


Terry Teacher

Lead Instructor

Terry taught middle school for eight years, honing her skills as both an educator and a field trip guru. She's also a fluent Spanish speaker, opening the door to more bilingual students in Nature Knowledge programs.